Client Proposal –
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EST: 2014
14,000 Sq. Ft. Total Capacity:
1,200 Dramatic Two-Story Event & Live Music Venue
Full Kitchen & Custom Catering
20+ HDTVs
Multiple Bar Concepts
Unobstructed View from the Second Floor Loft onto Main Stage below
Green Room
VIP Lounge Seating
Dynamic Audio/Visual with Endless Branding Opportunities
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Livewire is a 14,000 square-foot, two-story, indoor live performance and concert venue set to feature all genres of touring acts while also acting as a platform for up-and-coming local bands.
The sleek, swanky space will feature dramatic design elements, a built-in stage, artist green room, VIP lounge seating, multi-level bar concepts and an open, unobstructed second-story view onto the below dance floor. Livewire will accommodate more than 1,200 guests and fill a live music and large indoor event space niche within Scottsdale's famed Entertainment District.
As an expansive space with minimal stationary furniture, Livewire provides an ideal canvas for full event customization. From trade shows and award ceremonies to corporate off-sites and holiday parties, the venue's impressive 14,000 square feet is yours to transform.